I am so so sorry that I’ve been neglecting this blog, as well as neglecting my crocheting hobby.  I got caught up into going back to school full-time, along with working and somehow still managing to hold onto some small resemblance of a social life.

What I’m working on:- a delayed wedding gift -or- a very early anniversary gift.  It’s quite adorable and I’m excited to put it all together and share it with you all.
-a throw for my maternal grandmother.
-more quick amis to give as gifts

What I’ve completed:
-a scarf similar to the green afgan I shared earlier last year.  I modified the pattern so it would work as a scarf.  The scallop stitches are awesome on it, it gave the scarf some texture while still being warm but not bulky.  If that makes sense.  I gave it to my mother for Christmas.

Spring break is quickly approaching, so I do hope to knock out a few things on my list, and maybe do some more things that aren’t on a list just because I’ve definitely missed my hobby so very much.

I hope all of you are well!


I’ve been attempting to organize my stash of yarn and other crocheting bits.  Unexpected company rushed that real fast.

Kind of tidy?

I’ve been working on more Mario mushrooms to hand out as gifts, and was almost done with the project.  Had plans to finish it this weekend and then work happened today.

In case you didn’t know, there are a LOT of things that can hurt you when you work at a restaurant.  My happy burn on my thumb is a great indication that things are HOT.  Unfortunately, it’s my left thumb (I’m a righty), and if you’re a crocheter, you’ll understand how this is an issue for me.

So, think of this as a check-in post.  I know it’s been almost a month since I’ve updated, and don’t really have anything to show for my anti-socialism, and I do apologize.

Maybe you can help me figure out how to organize my stash a little better, dear readers.  I’m getting more yarn, pretty much every week, and I’m starting to run out of ideas for organization.  Also curious how you keep up with what yarn is what weight/brand/type?  Safety pin the label to the skein? Make smaller labels? Have a file cabinet for each color and weight?  What’s the best idea!?

Have a happy and safe weekend, readers.  I’ll see you soon.  I promise ❤

It’s hard not getting frustrated, especially when you’re super excited about a pattern/project.  I spent a good chunk of my week this week working on another amigurumi, when all of a sudden….I realized my stitches were off center.  “I must have counted incorrectly,” I mumbled to myself.  I started unwinding the round I was on, and sure enough, one stitch off.  It had to have been the round beneath it, so I started unwinding to that round, and that’s when I threw a mild temper tantrum.  You see, my stitching got messed up so bad, that it was knotted on itself.  I don’t even know how that happened.

So I began wondering…what’s the best way to keep track of stitches?  I usually have a piece of scrap paper nearby, to count decreases and rounds/rows with, and for the most part, I’ve been doing ok with that.  But something got lost in translation with this project, because it was all kinds of MESSED. UP.

I’m so mad right now, I could spit.  I feel discouraged, like I had wasted so much of my time and finances on this project, and now it’s all ruined.  I can’t undo it, it’s too far gone.

To be positive about it though, I did learn something new (like, don’t let your mind wander while counting stitches), and I’m thinking, if I get one or two more screw-ups, I’ll be able to post a blooper entry!  Wouldn’t that be grand!? 😀

Anyway, didn’t want all of you out there that read this thing think that I had given up on my new hobby.  Far from it.  As frustrated as I get with it sometimes, all I have to do is look around the very room I’m sitting in, and see all the cool things I’ve made with my own two hands.  I have about five or six things on my “To Crochet” list (two of which are going to be the octopus and the Mario mushroom, just in different colors and to give away this time instead of keep), and a bit of tip money burning a hole in my pocket.  I’m thinking Hobby Lobby and Michaels are in my near future, and hopefully next week, I’ll have something more positive to write about 🙂


Say hello to my little friend!

Here he is compared to the Verizon remote. SO TINY

I wasn’t kidding when I said “little”!!

Don’t mind the creeper cat…Here he is next to the octopus (Dory!), from last time!

Many thanks to Allison Hoffman over at CRAFTYisCOOL, for this amazing free pattern!  I plan to make a few more of these, for sure!  Maybe make a garland out of them for Christmas time (ooh yeah, nerdy Christmas tree FTW), or for keychains!

Obligatory awesome Mario music for you:


I can’t stop taking pictures of her!  She’s just so tiny and adorable!! 🙂  This is the first time I’ve made anything like this ever, and boy was it an adventure!

Last time I posted, I was making a Mario mushroom, but that didn’t turn out so well.  The head was lopsided, and the stitching at the top of the mushroom was too spaced out, making it impossible to close completely to hide the stuffing inside.  So I scraped that pattern (for now), and sought out a new pattern that was a little bit easier, and way more adorable.

A gigantic “hat’s off” to EssHaych over at Blogspot for making this pattern, and a perfect photo tutorial to go along with it!  I hope someday I can be as talented as you are, and come up with amazingly adorable amigurumis!

Now, of course hers are cuter than mine!  She’s had a tad bit more experience 😉 I couldn’t find safety eyes small enough (at least not in time anyway; I had such an itching for crocheting this past weekend, I just couldn’t wait for anything to be shipped), so I tried my hand at sewing cute little eyes on it instead.  I am in no way a professional seamstress.  Heck, the last time I held a needle was when I was a pre-teen trying my hand at cross-stitching (which didn’t last very long at all!).  But, I am still very pleased with her cute little eyes and her adorable little flower 🙂


Here’s to many more awesome and equally adorable amigurumi!! 😀

I'm Sexy and I Know It

Working on an adorable Mario mushroom pattern, I realized “holy crap, this looks like a hat!” I’m pretty much the definition of awesome.

I encountered my very first frustration as a “crafter”/crocheter today.  I went to Michaels to get supplies to crochet my very first amigurumi.  I have so many patterns saved, and I really wanted to get started on at least one of them!  So I went to the store, found the yarn I needed and other assorted things (picture below), and started my hunt for safety eyes.  Safety eyes are round, solid eyes that you can sew into place.  I found stick-on googly eyes, glue on googly eyes.  Big googly eyes, small googly eyes.  Blue eyes, green eyes.  Red fish, blue fish.  You see where I’m going with this, right?

Googly-eyes ARE NOT safety eyes.  Never have been.  Never will be.  When I asked the employees about where I might find them, they looked like I had an extra appendage sprouting right before their very eyes.  I stood right there in the aisle, whipped out my handy-dandy iPhone, and searched for safety eyes.

Turns out (according to page after page of Yahoo!Answer posts, Craftster message boards, etc), Michaels hasn’t had safety eyes since like..2007, if ever.  I’m sorry, but that really confuses me.  If you are a craft store, and you have essentially everything a person would need to make a stuffed toy or amigurumi, you sell BOOKS telling people how to make amigurumi, wouldn’t you like…I don’t know…sell safety eyes?  Apparently, either my amigurumi must have googly eyes or no eyes at all.

I will not stand for this!  Most of the message boards said to try Hobby Lobby if I couldn’t find them at Michaels/JoAnnes, so off to Hobby Lobby I went.  Twenty minutes away.  I called ahead, and they claimed they had safety eyes.  I went to the doll/bear making area and guess what?  SO MANY GOOGLY EYES.  GOOGLY EYES GALORE!!  And like 5 different sizes of these:


I don’t even…I can’t…what?  They’re like washers?  I’m not sure how these will work (and they aren’t even the right size; they’re too big), but we’ll give ’em a go, I guess.  Worse comes to worse, I’ll have to order them from somewhere, and I’ve heard some good things about this one online store so…we’ll see.

Anyway, look at all these things I bought today!!



Cute embellishments for my future project 😀


Fabric/craft glue, in case I have to suck it up and use the stupid googly eyes.  Wish me luck.

Next time I post, I should have an adorable amigurumi to show you 🙂  Happy Friday, everyone!